How can I get back my hacked Orkut account! Getting your hacked Orkut profile back is not a easy task though. If you are planning to appeal against this illegal hacking of your account, you need to provide them all your account related details. They need these details to confirm if you are the real owner of that account or not. Report Google about this hacking and appeal to do the needful here. Generally they take 2-3 days of time to investigate and reply. If your Gmail ID was associated with Orkut account and you can’t access any of your Google services, they will try to communicate with you on your secondary email address. If you don’t have access to your secondary email address anymore, you can mention that thing in the appealing form, but then you have to provide them other account related informations accurately. Following the above step will help you in getting back your hacked account in a short period of time. But remember to change your password as soon as you get back your account and never repeat your mistakes again.