This trick helps you to call anyone in the world by hiding your number or appearing any
CallerID you wish. Yes! in this trick you can
change your CallerID you wish and call anyone.
Just follow these simple Procedure br/>1. Go 2. Select your country
3. Enter The number that you want to appear
on your friends phone when he/she receives the
call. Eg: 9999999999 4. Enter The number of the friend you want to
fool or prank.
Eg: 9014567335
5. If you want you can change your voice to low,
normal, High pitch.
6. Now click the buttonGET ME THE CODE 7. You will get a phone number and a code.
8. Now call to the number which you got from
your mobile phone and you will ask to enter the
code. Enter the code and after 2 seconds it will
connect to the friend you want to fool or prank. That’s It Enjoy calling Anonymous. Note /b> At present this service charges Rs.10 per minute.So keep this in
mind and call.