Turn off your tablet when you go to sleep and charge it all night. – Set your screen brightness at 50% or lower. To
do this go toSettings > Display > Brightness – Uninstall power hungry apps – Go to Settings >Battery and look at the top battery users On my Nexus 10, Yahoo Weather
consumes as much power then the screen and
the OS combined! To uninstall go to the All
Apps folder and drag the problem app on top of
the Uninstall label at the top of the screen – Turn off your GPS when you don’t need it. To
do this go toSettings > Location Access and set ‘Access to my location’ OFF. If you do this, any app which requires the GOS
including Google Now will not function
correctly. – If you rarely use Bluetooth or NFC, make sure
both are off. To turn off NFC, go toSettings > More – Check the Sleep setting (under Display) and
make sure it is set to 1 minute or less.