1.first of all recharge your friends number with 10 or 20 rs. 2. Then go to http://www.tatadocomo.com/ myaccount.aspx Register ur friends number here… 3. Then go to http:// c1web1.saas.talismaonline.com/chatc1/
tatadocomo.html This is online docomo customer care chat
window 4. Then ask him for MY ACCOUNT INITIAL
PASSWORD 5. Then he will ask you last recharge details. If u
recharged with 10. Tell him 10 by paper
if u recharged with 20 tell him 20 by paper
recharge. Then he will give u the initial pin 6. Login with that pin and change the password.
Then u can see ur friends balance, recharge
date, last 10 call details, you can also block his sim card…. THATS IT 100% working. Note. BUT DONT MISUSE IT..