Simply Dial *141# and follow the instruction Docomo
Type a SMS as BT MobileNumber Amount and
send it to 54321,
e.g. BT 7200000054 25 to transfer Rs.25 Idea
type a SMS as GIVE MobileNumber Amount and
send it to 55567
e.g. GIVE 8123546789 30 to transfer Rs.30 Uninor
Just dial *202*MobileNumber*Amoun#
e.g.Dial *202*8123456789*20# to transfer Rs.20 Vodafone
Just Dial *131*Amount*Mobile No#
e.g. *131*50*9123456789# for transfer Rs.50 Aircel
Now u can transfer the aircel Mobile Balance
Officially DIAL *122*666#
You can transfer 10, 20 and 100Rs BSNL
just send : (GIFT mobile no ammout) to 53733
example:GIFT 9123456789 50 to 53733 note you
can transfer balance to bsnl number only and you
can’t transfer balance less than 10rs