Hey guys…many of us run internet on the PC via mobile
phones using different PC Suites but sometimes we when we are out of our home or office and do not have any access to internet connectivity then to run internet via mobile phone we require PC suite but if u don not have any access to the internet then how can u download a PC Suite for your mobile So here TFH present u a amazing trick to connect and browse internet using your mobile phone on your PC by creating a connectivity driver manually in the PC without using PC Suite Steps To Connect And Browse Internet Without Using Pc Suite STEP 1 . Click “Start” STEP 1 . Click “Control Panel” STEP 2 . Double Click “Network Connection” STEP 3 . Click “Creat a new connection” in Network Tasks in left side. STEP 4 . Click “Next” STEP 5 . Select “Connect to the Internet” and Click “Next” STEP 6 . Select “Set up my connection manually” and click “Next” STEP 7 . Select “Connect using a dial-up modem” and click “Next” STEP 8 . Select your modem here and click “Next” STEP 9 . ISP name, keep it blank and click “Next” STEP 10 . Type Phone Number *99# and click “Next” STEP 11 . Keep user name and password blanks and click “Next” STEP 12 . Select “Add a shortcute to this connection to my desktop” and click “Finish” STEP 13 . Now click “Dial” to connect internet. STEP 14 . Now you can successfully connect internet without PC Suite