Hi  all WHB Users, This Time we are going to find your Pendrive / Memory Card is Original or Fake. We are living in digital world day by day new inventions are developed and at same time duplicate products are manufactured. So that we cannot find the difference between the Original and Fake. Our advice is don’t purchase pendrive and hard disk at low price.


               This is one of the little tool (h2testw)  is available to analyzing your Pendrive/ Memory card/ Hard disk to check and display the results. If you getting  any errors in your data storage that is fake or some problems in your drive.


Steps to Analyzing your Data Storage : –

1. Download this Tool First ( H2testw Software ).

2. Extract the File using Winrar.

3. Open the .Exe file h2testw.

4. Select the English Language the top of the software.

5. Click the Select Target Button to select the drive you plugged in your laptop/ desktop.
Note : First format your data drive and them try this process.

 6. Now just Click the Write + Verify Button wait for the process to complete. Some times its takes more time to complete depending upon size of your data drive.


 7. After completion the process it will shows the process completed without any errors. Your pendrive/ memory card is safe/ orginal or Otherwise if you get any error your pendrive is fake or some problems in your drive.